The cost of filling up your tank

There’s been alot of discussion this week about tax credits and gas holidays and such. And I’ve even heard how we should be grateful that our gas prices are what they are because…gee… it could be worse, we could live in Bosnia where gas is over $10/gal.

Well, OK. So I feel bad for the Bosnians and their high gas prices but they have some bigger problems over there besides gas prices. It’s kind of besides the point.

Here in the New York metro area, the price of gas is $3.85 at my neighborhood station and as low as (and I can’t believe I’m calling this a bargain)…$3.47 near my New Jersey office. Lucky me…today I was driving our minivan when I realized that I desperately needed gas.

$67.50 later, I had a full tank and pain in my chest.

And just so you don’t think that was a typo up there…. Yes, it took sixty-seven dollars and fifty cents to fill my 20 gallon tank.

It seems that not too long ago I was griping about it taking nearly $50 to fill up the van but at this rate it won’t be long before some folks may find themsleves without the financial means to drive themselves to work.

Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

What are people giving up just so they can put gas in their cars? Vacations? visits with family? FOOD? RENT? Mortgage payments?

I’m just a little tired of this crap. I don’t want to have to choose between gas and driving to a park..or gas and dinner out with my family or really gas and just about ANYTHING!

Do you think that the oil company executives are worried? I think not. Want to stick it to them? buy a Prius. Thats’ our other car and it’s getting 46 or 47 mpg.


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